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A man with greying and balding brown hair, a stocky figure and a police uniform picked up a file, labeled "T's", and looked into it. He picked up a paper that had a giant stamp of "CLASSIFIED" in red ink.

The dark mist 2


The dark mist

Higashiura Police Department Data Filings on: The Dark Mist

The Dark Mist is..really an unknown figure. We do not know anything about the figure, except her gender, her voice, a slight hint of her beauty, and a sliver of her personality. Her history is shrouded in mystery, besides her murderous crimes; town folk have reported magic (she has done) and possible spiritual origin. We will attempt to go further into incriminating her and discovering more about The Dark Mist..that is..if she doesn't kill us. 

His face contorted into a deep frown. The man had remembered of The Dark Mist brutally torturing and killing his entire family. He couldn't forget the screams, the blood, and the sinister voice..they riddled his nightmares since that day 2 years ago. The man threw the file and the paper intensily on the ground, unshed tears in his hazel eyes. 

"Watashi wa anata o korosu.." He murmured.

"I will kill you.."

Part I - Damien's SpawnEdit

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