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The Red King
The Red King


Satan, Lucifer





The Red King is the demonic alter ego of LT that is caused when his demonic red energy completely takes over. He acts evil, ruthless, and insane having nearly the same appearance as his alter ego. He is the embodiment of Satan taking over a being of his choice to control. He tried to possess average humans however they died immediately until one day he found a suitable body in the young boy Lloyd Thompson. This however caused Lloyd to gain amnesia waking up in a crater caused by The Red King. He was taken in by the Rao's and raised together with Goku. LT however learned to control The Red King's power but he still lives in him today.


The Red King most commonly wears the same attire as LT however when taking over LT gains a barbed wire tattoo around his neck, eyes turning black and pupils completely red, his nails grow long and black, and anything in his mouth automatically burns.

Featured InEdit

Throne of the Red King


Teleportation - Using his demonic energy he is able to teleport leaving red smoke in his former place.

Energy - He is able to control the same demonic red energy as LT however using it better.

Super Strength - The Red King gains super strength from his demonic abilities.

Super Speed - The Red King gains super speed from his demonic abilities.

Flight - The Red King gains flight from his demonic abilities.

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