The Sponge is the 12th member of the Z-Crushers Strike Force. He has amazing powers, but has a heart and cares for every human living on Earth. He also has an older brother, named Kai.


Appearance Edit

He is blond-haired, wears a red coat, and has a leather shirt and pants. He is 13 years of age, and is around 5'9 in height. At the age of 10, he was 4'11, and it is unknown what his height was at birth. He has long hair, and keeps it in a ponytail. He has brown eyes, and will have a serious look on his face at times.

During the age of 9 (height unknown), he went to train with Master Roshi. Under Roshi's training, he began to alter his appearance. Instead of having normal-length hair, he grew it out, and tied it. He also became taller and, after a serious accident, had to amputate his arm and get a robot one.

Personality Edit

As stated, he is serious, and takes jokes seriously at times. He is quiet and shy, and will not speak unless called for or told to. He is noted to "mature" and, when given a mission, stops at nothing to complete it.

Young life Edit

The Sponge was born on June 28, Age 850 in the Goku Capital Hospital, and weighed 10 ounces. Being a descendant of LT, he has willpower, and strong abilities. However, his mother, Keyah, is of Saiyan descent, maing him a Hybrid Saiyan. At age 6, he showed strong powers, able to lift a tree, and use the ki blast.

At the age of 9, he went to train under Master Roshi. During his three years of training, he developed stronger powers, and was able to do more deadly powers, such as the Kamehameha. While training, his appearance changed (see "Appearance"), and he became more serious than laid back and chill.

At his current age, he is fighting missions along-side friends Kappa, and Striker .


Because he is a more hand-to-hand combat person, he knows few attacks.

Kamehameha: A common attack, used by many of the Z Fighters.

Special Beam Cannon: An beam-type attack, which can kill when angled correctly, and was originated by Piccolo.

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