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Total War is an ongoing series written by Dark Seeker Kotsu. It centers around Ted Alborn, a sixteen year old boy who joins the military along with his fraternal twin Callan in order to defend his country and his family.

The Total War series has four quarters of the story, with a timeskip of variable size between each.

Released chapters[]

First Quarter[]

Second Quarter[]


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First Quarter

I. Departure[]

Young twins Ted and Callan Alborn sign up for the Nebelheim National Military while their country is in a state of crisis.

II. Distance[]

Ted, Callan, and their friend John meet LT Tiernan, Kain Murdock, and a mysterious young boy named Hilbert Hinterher, and they try to gather their bearings as soon-to-be soldiers.

III. Blood[]

Ted, Callan, and their friends prepare to go to war for the first time as they are called down for training at a military base; the boys meet a new comrade.

IV. Tension[]

The backstories of the boys' new friends are explored, and they enter an intense battle.

V. Normalcy[]

As activity from the Kilmjac soldiers has decreased, the soldiers move into a northern town, and the boys get to enjoy a brief relief from duty and some peace.

Second Quarter[]

VI. Darkness[]

A year later, Ted is chosen to lead his friends on a recon mission to seek out enemy troops. The boys are tense in the dark forest, at night. But true darkness lurks around the corner...watching, waiting.

VII. Monster[]

The shocking death of Ace sends Ted over the edge and on the road to becoming something else as Ted is put to the test and questions his sanity and humanity; Damien contemplates joining the army as a drummer boy.

VIII. The Fallen Angel of Nebelheim[]

Ted recuperates from his injuries in the hospital as his physical status has left him unable to cope with what has happened.

IX. Shooting Star[]

Straying from the adventures of the older Alborn boys, this chapter focuses on eight year old Damien Alborn, who snuck away from home to enlist as a drummer boy to find his brothers.