Twist is a half Saiyan/Demon hybrid. He is one of Goten66's backup RP (Role Play) characters.
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Twist's appearance


He used to be a very evil person (and Mars' dark side until they defused) but now is more of an anti-hero. He lives on a small island in the middle of the ocean. Twist only leaves his island when the world is in great danger, leaving smaller threats to the rest of the heroes. Him and Mars, though they don't usually act like it; are great friends. He calls Mars "Hero." He has the exact power as Mars and when they had their battle they nearly destroyed the planet. He has some connection to the royal family of the Demons.


He has a personality that is similar to Vegeta 's mixed with Piccolo 's. He is very impatient and refuses to be kept waiting. He loves fighting and if he feels an opponent has been talking too much he will attack them.


He usually wears a mask over the lower half of his face for unknown reasons. He also has gray hair and one red eye. He wears mostly dark clothing as he likes blending into the shadows. He also sometimes wears a white and red mask over his face. He sometimes wears a green vest.

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