aka Ray, used to be LT

  • I was born on September 22
  • My occupation is Music Man
  • I am hanging around

I can't believe I used to run this wiki, it looks so nasty these days.

Explanation? I guess. Edit

I used to like, live here as a little baby man. Now I'm a man man and I no longer live here. I had like eighty different names on various websites, I used to be a chat mod for a minute I used to run a dumb wiki called Z Crushers Strike Force with Kotsu and some other lads. Most notably I used to be Lil' Trunks/TheSuperNova when I was a kid, nicknamed LT by most. Used to get up to shenanigans and all that. Looking back on all the old stuff I got up to here and on Z Crushers Strike Force provides a sick sensation of nostalgia, nausea, and fondness. 

If somehow you remember me, feel free to leave a message and catch up. Although, I am without a doubt not the person you remember. When I knew all of you here I was an anxiety ridden paranoid kid in a terrible environment that caused me to lie a lot about who I was. So I apologize I guess retroactively for all of that. I was young, you know how it is. 

From what I've seen 2019 seems to be the year of "Hey I remember when I used to frequent chat rooms on this old website let me see if anyone I remember is still around" so I guess I'm doing that now. It probably won't go anywhere but y'know its whatever, just tired of lying awake wondering what everyone is up to these days really. Hopefully Kots/Ted/Braden randomly decides to resurface on this site because It'd be nice to catch up with the old best friend of someone who was and wasn't really me.

These days I mostly work on film and music, building up money in order to move out west towards the California/Washington area and hopefully worm my way into an over-saturated industry. Like I said, drop a message if you want but keep in mind that I was a liar as a kid and I'm not at all the person that you talked to all those years ago.

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