Hello, I'm Kotsu. And I'm going to do an accurate rating of the avatars I've seen on the Dragon Ball wiki, by users I am familiar with. I am not including myself in the blog because it would be dumb to rank myself. My rating is based on:

-How clear the avatar appears in chat and on the wiki: If I can't tell what it is in chat, that detracts some points. If I can't tell what it is on the wiki, then we have a problem.

-How good of a shot/how well cropped it is: If the image has a character in it, I prefer it to be close-in towards the face, so you can make out who it is somewhat from chat well. This usually puts avatars with a nice close-in face shot of their respective character above images in which it is of the upper portion or full body of the character. Images with black or white borders around them don't look very well, thus get a lower ranking. This isn't always the case though, some avatars that end mid-body look very good.

-'Appearance': The way the avatar appears, of course, is important. Also, images that are default by Wikia tend to get an extremely low rating.

-Creativity: Some avatars might score points ahead of others because of their relative uniqueness.

  1. 150px-4635140.png Gotenfan1195
  2. 150px-4221937.png Goku777
  3. 150px-4421442.png Wallaceheros
  4. 150px-4033613.png SSJ4 Vegito
  5. 150px-4103753.png KING-OF-DBRB2 (now known as "PA-LE" ._.)
  6. 150px-4597418.png Gohan ibbe
  7. 150px-5251339.png Yamichidori1
  8. 150px-4614916.png Callanball
  9. 150px-4352645.png JanembaFreak97
  10. 150px-2074001.png CookiePirate
  11. 150px-5510718.png Quackulon The Duck Tyrant
  12. 150px-4759029.png The SuperNova
  13. 150px-3577508.png Yamcha626
  14. 150px-4440505.png Legato Bluesummers
  15. 150px-1948931.png Tjakari
  16. 150px-3984414.png Cocoabean
  17. 150px-4931930.png Miricle1778
  18. 150px-3469916.png LukaCat
  19. 150px-5225358.png Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu
  20. 150px-4073265.png SuperKamiGuru
  21. 150px-4239869.png BardockGoku
  22. 150px-4126675.png Shakuran13
  23. 150px-3551514.png GohanFan7
  24. 150px-1506994.png 10X Kamehameha
  25. 150px-5538801.png Idontfeellikethinkingofaname
  26. 150px-2053420.png PrinceKakarotSS3
  27. 150px-3486433.png MsBulma
  28. 150px-5019966.png Talistarful224
  29. 150px-5693154.png Thanatos209
  30. 150px-4113285.png SaiyanAwesomeness
  31. 150px-3062334.png Wikian13000
  32. 150px-5501217.png Gangnamstyling
  33. 150px-2202259.png WaterKirby1994
  34. 150px-3518791.png Tree of Turles
  35. 150px-5577662.png TheOddMusketeer
  36. 150px-5375986.png Omni Phibbestoles
  37. 150px-1991316.png Jeangabin666
  38. 150px-905893.png SSJGoku93
  39. 150px-4897252.png WhisperHeart
  40. 150px-5170992.png Mr. Kakarot
  41. 150px-1982746.png Numbuh424
  42. 150px-4765058.png Saiyan Zora
  43. 150px-5501181.png RealityKings4
  44. 150px-4005908.png SuperSaiyanKrillin
  45. 150px-5136722.png Leo Kazisaski
  46. 150px-5256974.png Michael Iron
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