Today I looked at the sun

With what I think was distinct and marked longing

It felt like I could see again

But I need to get away, to where I'm belonging

Is that even a good rhyme?

I couldn't give a shit

But today I looked at the sun

And I felt my hands clench and my teeth grit

I shed a tear as I looked at the sun

And no, it's not from one too many a bong hit

It's because I don't fit

In this world of people who know what they're doing

But here I am, split

And everyone's saying "It gets better" 

But does it?

Or does it linger inside 

Baring its fangs

While my inside racks with pangs

I wish I knew what the world has for me

But I don't, I can only believe

How do you cling to hope

When it feels like it's all gone?

Why does it get so hard to smile

But so easy to become withdrawn?

Why does it feel like I'm lost

But only in my own mind?

Why is the world "so cruel"?

Well, did you expect it to be kind?

I didn't expect anything from it but existence

Not for some method to close the distance

Between those who offered me assistance

With love and careful persistence

Why then do I feel so faded?

And not high, I mean as in jaded

Perhaps because we're defined by the color we're shaded

It's like each of us is a country being invaded

I'm not trying to be wise, I'm just saying

Life is just a big game that we're all playing

Some people spend their turns praying

Well me, I spend mine surveying

There's a lot to see and a lot to learn

So you better be ready

Or someone will knock you down

When you're at your most unsteady

Not trying to be a pessimist

I just want you to know

If you shine bright enough

You will always glow

Maybe not to yourself, but there's always a person

Who can see your inner beauty, even if you think you're so-so

So don't let the flood come and wash you away

Fight like you never have

Fight for every day

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