Here's a blog where you can get a link to another blog entry made specifically for each Hogwarts House. :3

Here are also numbered lists to show who is in each house thus far:


  1. BardockGoku
  2. CookiePirate
  3. Dark Seeker Kotsu
  4. Guardian Demon
  5. Ibbe Posey
  6. Liquid speaker
  7. Some ghost
  8. TheFrodo


  1. Anemicne
  2. Angelic Anglerfish Wants Your Blankey
  3. Apparition of Dusk
  4. Callanball
  5. Construct Comando
  6. DinkyPotato
  7. JanembaFreak97
  8. Kraken with a bad haircut
  9. LukaCat
  10. Sasqrotch
  11. The Cerebral Assassin
  12. Voltstorm-JAPAN


  1. 10X Kamehameha
  2. Chili-Doge
  3. Disasterology
  4. Freeza Burn
  5. Shakuran13
  6. Zukleton


  1. IanSenpaiSoKawaii7900
  2. Miricle1778
  3. MsBulma
  4. Neffyarious
  5. PooseUnpoose
  6. Tjakari
  7. Troll Prince Joffrey

Data gathered thus far


  • Among all users from the DB wiki that were sorted thus far, Hufflepuff is the dominant house, with 11/28 being sorted into the house of the badger. Gryffindor follows at 7/28, with Ravenclaw and Slytherin tied at the bottom with 5/28.
  • Among current and former admins of the Dragon Ball wiki that were tested thus far, Ravenclaw dominates, with 2/5 tested admins being sorted into Ravenclaw. Interestingly enough, there is at least one former or current admin in each house though, as 1/5 was sorted Gryffindor, 1/5 was Hufflepuff, and the final 1/5 was Slytherin.
  • Among current and former chatmoderators of the Dragon Ball wiki that were tested thus far (current/former admins are excluded from this number), Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are equally dominant. 4/9 chatmods sorted were placed in Gryffindor, while another 4/9 sorted into Hufflepuff, with the remaining 1/9 being sorted into Ravenclaw.
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