Lex Luthor vs Green Goblin

Today we have the return episode of Deadliest Super Hero/Villain. We have a battle of the brains and the bronze! Green Goblin the mastermind Normand Osbourne and enemy of Spider-man. Lex Luthor the owner of Lex corp and the president of the United States of America also the enemy of Superman. Today we examine there elite arsenal to find out one thing. Who is deadliest!?

Lex Luthor


Lex Luthor is equipped with weapons straight from Lex Corp.

Kryptonite Knuckles

Flame Thrower

Kryptonite Spear

Shoulder Mounted Laser Cannons

Power Fist

Chest Laser Cannon

Palm Laser Cannons

Rocket Boots

Green Goblin


The Green Goblin strikes back with his arsenal.

The Electro-Blast Gloves

Pumpkin Bomb

Variety of other Bombs

Mechanical Bats

Goblin Glider

Asphyxiation Grenade

The Seismic Ray Device

Glue Bomb


Vote now! You decide! Who is deadliest!?

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