Light of Justice
Yo people, just a tiny game from me called the Minority Game. A game that puts your balls to the wall and determines whether you're a pussy or not.

Game Proceedings

  • The dealer (myself) will give all the participants one favor. They are not allowed to use this favor during the game
  • The dealer will call upon a contestant to state a yes or no fact/question (e.g. Anime sucks or Does anime suck?)
  • The dealer will call upon the contestant to ask the question. This will be done in the blogs comment section.
  • The chosen contestant will ask the question in the blog comments
  • All contestants will have to message the dealer in any way or form their answer within 24hrs, THEIR answer can't be changed.
  • The people within the minority choice proceed and the people in the majority lose and their favor goes to the future winner.
  • By the end of the game, all players must give their favors back to the dealer, including the winner. So if their are 10 people participating, the winner gets nine favors and all other 9 players are in debt to the dealer.

That's pretty much it, don't be afraid to ask any questions.

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