Welcome to the next installment of the interviews!

Yuzura: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Dark Seeker Kotsu: I'm Braden, and I'm from good ol' California. I'm seventeen years old, but I was fourteen when I started using Wikia. I love football, video games, and hanging out with my friends.

Yuzura: How did you first discover Wikia and which wikis do you spend the most time on?

Dark Seeker Kotsu: Well, I first learned about them when I was about twelve and I was looking up information on the Legend of Zelda, and I got a link to the LOZ wiki, but the first wiki I joined was the Bully Fanon wiki. The wikis I spend the most time on are probably the Dragon Ball Wiki and ZCSF, lately.

Yuzura: What do you think is great about Wikia?

Dark Seeker Kotsu: That you can meet other people who share your interests and become friends with them. I mean, I've developed a few very lasting friendships on Wikia, and I think it's one of the best things ever.

Yuzura: What would your top 5 tips for new folks on a wiki be?

Dark Seeker Kotsu: Make sure to follow the rules, be as respectful/polite as you can, don't try to be a loner if you can help it, don't let the jerks get to you, and most importantly... have a blast.

Yuzura: Z-Crushers Strike Force had a very strong beginning. How did you manage to start such a strong community? Who do you think helped most starting ZCSF? What is your advice to editors hoping to start their own wikis?

Dark Seeker Kotsu: Well the thing was, ZCSF was sort of a club before it was a wiki, and those of us that started it were all already friends with each other. I think that was how it started strong, and it stayed strong as a few of our good friends joined in the project and began helping out. My advice is to find a group of people who will help you start the wiki out before you make it, if possible.

Yuzura: You are very well known for being trust-worthy on ZCSF and Dragon Ball Wiki. How did you gain so much trust and what is your advice to making users know they can be trusted?

Dark Seeker Kotsu: Well, what it really boils down to is being as friendly as you can with other people. Especially if you are a pretty warm and happy person, you can easily endear yourself to others. I think it also comes to helping them when they need it and having their backs, always.
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