Vordathcho Mordecai
Vordathcho Mordecai
The Great Lich of Diakatan
Biological Information
Race Diakatanian Human (Lich)
Birthday Long Forgotten
Gender Male
Height ~7'
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself (general consensus)
Diakatan (secret)
Position Ruler of Myrjlon
Partner Aleph
Base of Operations Zhaylx, Althea (in life)
The Spire, Myrjlon (in unlife)
Personal Status
Relatives None remembered
Education Expert at numerous subjects through his long life
Physical Description
Hair Color Black
Skin Color Mummified tan
Mordecai Sprite

A sprite of Mordecai.

Vordathco Mordecai is a primary character in the story Mordecai & Aleph. Within that story he serves as a protagonist, although in most Diakatanian stories treat him as an antagonist as his true intentions are not widely known amongst the planet's populace.

Vordathco Mordecai was the greatest lich on Diakatan. He was always a highly proud individual and could lose his temper easily when it came to what he considered another's stupidity. Even so, his every action had serious, focused purpose. Eventually he became a powerful ally to the mysterious lifeform, Aleph.

He single-handedly created the Land Orc species within his personal nation by magically hybridizing the DNA of Forest Goblins and Sea Orcs. Over the centuries he was eventually deemed a purely evil being, but in truth he fought hard to save the world from the clutches of the Chaos Legions and Vuul'huukos' Cult of Bone.

He survived in undeath for a millennia before finally being destroyed by his precious land orcs during their uprising for freedom, thinking they were saving the world from his evil ways. However evidence has come to light that his phylactery was not destroyed, therefore meaning there's a chance he can be resurrected.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Although lorewise he is eventually destroyed, allowing his Land Orcs to become a primary race later on, this does not occur during the events of Mordecai & Aleph, as it occurs centuries into the future of that story. It also occurs centuries before most of the stories that take place on Diakatan, serving primarily as back story.


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