Yajirobe retirado completamente de la lucha, en la Torre de Karin
Yajirobe is a samurai whom first met up with Goku while he was in search of Tambourine. He resides at Korins Tower and is usually responsible for supplying the Z-Fighters with Senzu Beans. Shortly after meeting Goku, Yajirobe defeats him in a game of rock, paper, scissors and grabs dibs on fighting Cymbal first. Despite his portly appearance Yajirobe is actually a very skilled martial artist who is proficient at wielding a katana. During his fight with Cymbal, Yajirobe's agile movements enable him to dodge all of Cymbals energy blasts and slices him in half with ease. Yajirobe then proceeds to cook and eat Cymbal. Later in Dragon Ball he assists Goku in his quest to attain the Ultra Divine Water. He then decides to compete in the next World Martial Arts Tournament, although he was unfortunately defeated by Kami in the preliminaries. In Dragon Ball Z, Yajirobe plays an

Yajirobe cooking Cymbal.

integral role in the defeat of Great Ape Vegeta. Unlike Krillin whose attempts failed to cut off Vegeta's tail due to his substantial power level, this was not the case with Yajirobe. Yajirobe was able to keep his power level hidden and therefor was successful in sneaking up behind Vegeta and slicing his tail off. Later during the Android Saga, Yajirobe delivers Senzu Beans to Goku and rides in the hovercar with Bulma and Trunks. In Dragon Ball GT, Yajirobe's role is diminished, making only a brief appearance.
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