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Yoshimitsu Reigen








1 (flashbacks)

3 (Innes Arc)

9 (Alscheim Wars Arc)

12 (Dark Powers Arc)

14 (Blood Bonds Arc)


2'6 (Innes Arc)

4'2 (Alscheim Wars arc)

4'4 (Dark Powers Arc)

4'5 (Blood Bonds Arc)


21 lbs (Innes Arc)

59 lbs (Alscheim Wars Arc)

70 lbs (Dark Powers Arc)

90 lbs (Blood Bonds Arc)

Hair color


Eye color

Blue, appeared purple when young

Blood type



Kotsu Reigen (father)

Taiza Reigen (brother)

Jaikob Reigen (brother)

Randy Reigen (half-brother)

Roy Reigen (half brother)

Daryl Reigen (half-brother)

Richard Reigen (half-brother

Ralph Reigen (adopted brother)

Kaizer Reigen (grandfather)

Flanagan Reigen (uncle)

Goku Rao (first cousin once removed)

Hisana Biermann-Rao (first cousin once removed in-law)

Ria Rao (second cousin)

Neishel Rao (second cousin)

LT Hephaestus (first cousin once removed)

Striker Hephaestus (second cousin)

"You Alscheims have yet to encounter your worst nightmare. My brothers are soft. I am not. They might forgive you if you get on your knees and cry and beg for mercy. I won't. My eyes are as cold as my demeanor. I'm the third son of Kotsu Reigen, punisher of evil, destroyer of darkness and your worst nightmare."
— Yoshi, during the Alscheim Wars.

Yoshimitsu Roshai Reigen, also known as Yoshi, is the third son of Kotsu. He is the younger brother of Taiza and Jaikob, and the older half-brother of Randy, Roy, Daryl, and Richard Reigen. Yoshi's middle name comes from a good friend of his father's, Roshai Mulder.


Yoshi has eyes that seem to be purplish when he is a year old and blue after the timeskip and snow-white hair. Yoshi is shown first at age one in a flashback.

As he grows older, it becomes apparent that Yoshi's growth is stunted, he is incredibly small and young-looking for his age. It is believed that it was Creed's influence during his conception that caused this. At age fourteen, he is still physically about nine years old.


Yoshi is very curious, but also serious and intelligent. He is reserved, far more than his brother Jay-B, but in a different way. As a very young child he appears to be non-speakin; but this caused him having a reluctance to speak. When he does, it is in a way most children his age do not. His intelligence brands him a prodigy at a young age.

However, Yoshi seems to be somewhat sociopathic. He shows no remorse when hurting others, unlike his brothers who are even bothered about hurting someone with bad intentions. He seems to also have a hard time feeling or displaying empathy. Kotsu believes that being somewhat under Creed's influence during Yoshi's conception is the cause of his sociopathic behavior. Despite this, Yoshi doesn't seem to have an outwardly bad nature, something that Kotsu also believes about him. Yoshi seems to be very devoted to his family and shows more affection to the people he trusts.

Yoshi is also known for being very bold and never afraid to enter the battle when the time calls for it.


Enhanced strength: For a young Saiyan boy his age, Yoshi is extremely strong. While training under both his father and Creed, he is becoming a very strong and capable young fighter. Yoshi often also shows off his strength in his far-beyond-human acrobatic abilities, such as standing on one hand and doing one-finger push-ups.

Enhanced speed: Yoshi is naturally capable of attaining high speeds. His small size comes at great advantage, making it very difficult for larger opponents to get a hit in, as he is not only small, but extremely fast.

Schattenmacht control: Yoshi having been trained by both his father and Creed, has a basic knowledge of using and controlling Schattenmacht.

Theme songEdit

Yoshimitsu's theme song is "Du Riechst So Gut" by Rammstein.

Du Riechst So Gut - Rammstein Lyrics and English Translation

Du Riechst So Gut - Rammstein Lyrics and English Translation


"You and Taiza used your emotions to become Super Saiyans. I used my ambition."
— Yoshi, on how he became a Super Saiyan.

"Jay, I don't care if I hurt them. I don't care if the pain kills them. They are trying to hurt my family, and in this world, you're either the hunter or the hunted. I was born a hunter."
— Yoshi, to Jay-B.

"It's simple. We use brute force."
— Yoshi, during the discussion of how to drive the Alscheims away.

"The reason why my Schattenmacht is stronger than yours and Jay-B's is a simple one, Tai. Schattenmacht is pure dark energy. You and Jay-B embody light. I do not. I have a dark nature and I am willing to wholly embrace the darkness. I accept it, and that is why I have such a firm grasp on my abilities."
— Yoshi, explaining to Taiza why his Schattenmacht is stronger.

"Go ahead, try to kill me. But if you fail, I promise that I will be the one to kill you, and I will do so in cold blood."
— Yoshi, speaking to Decetticola Braggum.


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