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This is a wiki based off of the team ZCSF or Z-Crushers Strike Force owned by Dark Seeker Kotsu, who found the group and it is co-led by his comrade, LT (who was the primary creator of the wiki itself). If you like writing fan-fictions (of any kind) and creating original stories and characters, this wiki is the place for you.

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Can you believe it's been over 3 years since Kotsu and I started this wiki!? The fact that this has stayed around and been somewhat active (although rarely) is amazing! Now, I may have been dead for a year or two but this wiki has stayed somewhat active. When I came back nothing had recently been done to the wiki, no edits made, nobody in chat, absolutely nothing. So if you're reading this, get editing and get chatting! Thank you guys for everything, without you this wiki would be nothing. - LT

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Luke Flynn is Menocia's husband, Johnathan's/Blaze's father and Jane's, Nigel's grandfather. He is the one who gave Johnathan Kurozunda, his old sword. Most of his personality and appearance is what Johnathan takes. He died a heroic battle to save his final baby boy, Johnathan, against...(Read More)

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To pee or not to pee? That is the question.

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Total War is an ongoing series written by User:Dark Seeker Kotsu. It centers around Ted Alborn, a sixteen year old boy who joins the military along with his fraternal twin Callan in order to defend his country and his family. The Total War series has four quarters of the story, with a timeskip of variable size between each.

"How old are you, son?" the man behind the counter of the Stock market asked. He was wearing brown tweed and looking suspiciously at me as though trying to make sure I wasn't breaking the age barrier.

"Sixteen, sir. I turned sixteen a month ago." I replied smoothly. I pulled out my school identification card and my school schedule, which was printed neatly on card stock paper. He examined the card and schedule closely. He was a portly man with graying hair and a thick walrus-like mustache. "Very well." he confirmed. "You are from the Alborn family?" "Yes sir." I said politely, clasping my hands at the wrist in the sort of way that said I meant no harm. "Very well. Thank you for enlisting. Go to this address to complete the process." he said, handing me a small business card type thing. It had an all-too familiar address printed on it, as well as a few instructions on what time it would be starting.

"Thank you sir." I said, politely as I could....(Read More)

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"I will shit on you."




1. restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.

2. restoration to use, acceptance, or currency:

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